Vehicle safe


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Does anyone here have a safe or lockbox bolted into their vehicle? I think that I would feel better about locking up a pistol when I have to go into a dreaded "Gun Free Zone." Right now I just put it in the glovebox or center console but would rather it be more secure than that!

I saw a battery powered (with key backup) drawer unit at Wal-Mart for $45. Anybody know of a better deal on something like this?


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Interesting. I haven't see anything like that for a vehicle although it's not a bad idea since most glove boxes aren't lockable anymore.


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I have a flat key locked box that can be bolted to the floor or firewall. It comes with a cable that can be anchored to the seat and make it easier to hide while still being handy. I bought it from Sportsman's Guide several years ago. It rides in my van under the passenger seat so I can access it quickly. the Key is on my ignition key ring with a quick disconnect so I can open it or lock it up without having to fumble for a key.
Midway has these in stock the last time I looked. They come in large and small sizes. My full size 1911 fits in the small with no room to spare. I 'm looking at a large so I can have extra mags with it.