Upstate public ranges

Scott J

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So, what public ranges are upstate closest to Seneca? I'll most likely be renting there or out toward Walhalla.

Being separated from my wife and kids until the house sells is going to require plenty of range time to maintain my sanity.

I'm trying to balance casting and loading like mad with getting the house ready to go on the market becaue my reloading room will be all packed up soon and I'll have to settle in before I figure out what sort of arrangement I want to set up in the rental.

lafayette gregory

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The range near Pickins is a very nice range. It is maintained beautifully. It is a manned range with a friendly but stern range master. 100 rds. It also has seperate skeet, pistol and archery ranges. There are simple restrictions on the type targets, target stands and ammo. No full auto and no rapid fire!

The range in the Mountains near Wahalla is an UNmanned DNR range. Less restrictions. It has covered shooting tables, Ful auto is allowed and rapid fire is allowed.
Both are very nice so pick what fits into what you want to shoot.

Scott J

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Both are very nice so pick what fits into what you want to shoot

Mostly I'll be doing IDPA drills. Probably lots of El Prez.

If I can't get it done before I move I'll be up there finalizing my load for this cast 9mm: ... 20-TC.html

Most of my 9mm shooting in IDPA has been with Academy Sports house brand (Monarch) steel case ammo so I don't have to chase brass.

In the interest of economy I'm developing a cast load for it. Trying to go as slow as possible but still make the power floor as well as not get any tumblers.

I already have cast loads for when I shoot SSR with either .38 or .357 and for CDP.

Scott J

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Oh and thanks in advance for all the well wishes. The time apart from my family is going to really suck.

I won't fully de-stress until we close on a new house up there. Big question mark at this point as to when it will happen.

I'm just trying to keep my faith strong. He's made it all work out so far.