Updated for 2021-Cowboy Action Shooting in Upstate SC

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[Note-I am starting a new thread with some updated information. I am now the club contact for the Greenville Gunfighters with a new email address for cowboy-related communications: [email protected] Despite the pandemic and ammo/components we are seeing good attendance at local matches with new shooters joining regularly.]

I have been shooting SASS cowboy matches since early 2010. There are SASS-affiliated clubs in Upstate South Carolina that host monthly matches. Matches are open to the public-you need not be a member of the “host” club or a member of SASS to shoot monthly matches. There is no charge for spectators but we do require that they wear eye and ear protection in the shooting area. I always recommend to prospective new shooters that they observe a local match as a first step. Don’t be shy; walk up and say hello. Cowboy shooters love to talk about the sport and show off their gear.

The Belton Bushwhackers (at the Belton Gun Club) shoot on the 2nd Saturdays. I am not a member but I regularly shoot there; Match Director “Slippery Stew” believes in having fun. www.beltonbushwhackers.com

The Greenville Gunfighters (of the Greenville Gun Club) shoot on the 4th Sunday of each month. This is my “home club”. Match Director “Cowboy Junky” is a top shooter who knows what shooters like. www.greenvillegunfighters.com

Our newest club is “Moonshine at Dark Corner”, located at 2600 Highway 11, Travelers Rest, SC near Highway 25. Fancy Filly is your hostess who built a range on her property. Match day is the first Sunday of each month at 1:00 pm so you can attend church beforehand. They are very new-shooter-friendly with nifty props. Website is on the Action Shooting Network at www.ActionShootingNetwork.com/mdc

In addition to the websites, all clubs have a Facebook page. You can also see match videos on my YouTube channel under me cowboy alias “Abe E.S. Corpus”.

We have a great time shooting cowboy action. If you have a competitive streak we have some fast shooters who will tell you all of their secrets. If you are new to the shooting sports, a lady or youth shooter or you are getting older, there is a place for you in cowboy action shooting. We are actively recruiting new shooters and would like to have folks come out and see what we do.

If one of the Upstate match days does not suit your schedule, we can point you to four other SC clubs and to cowboy matches in North Carolina and Georgia.

The only regret I hear voiced by cowboy shooters is “I wish I’d started shooting years ago”.


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thank you for posting this and i will be hoping this gets lots of attention unfortunately im 4 hours from all the above sites