Upcoming Field Trials in Clinton, SC


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Hello all---I'm a new member, avid hunter/shooter and fisherman. Looking forward to forums discussions and tech tips.

Thought some might find this of interest--The Boykin Spaniel Society National Upland Field Trials are being held at The Clinton House grounds Jan. 15-17. I don't own a Boykin (nor am i competing) but have hunted over some--they are fine flushers and retrievers, the breed is credited to be out of Camden, SC.
I am in no way affiliated with the BSS, just going as a spectator who loves watching quality dogs work a field, also will be a Pheasant Tower Shoot on Fri. afternoon.

Details if you are interested are on www.boykinspaniel.org

Thanks again, I'm glad to be here.


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Frost said:
Be sure to mention us to the guys there...

I sure will, Frost. I'm really looking forward to watching these Trials. It's been a looong time, but I sure miss my ESS :cry:
Been thinking maybe about a Boykin...


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I have never owned a hunting dog but I always have a couple of loyal companions laying around the house somewhere.
My puppy got weighed a week before he turned ten months and he weighed 132 pound.


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Re: Upcoming Field Trials in Clinton, SC--Updated

Evening, all. Just an update on my trip to the BSS Upland trials--it was well-done all'round and a great time!
I took some pics but am not yet able to post them, I am hoping the Society will soon post their professionally-taken pics on their website and if so I will post a link. A National birding trial this close to home is a real privilege.

Anyway, these little Boykins are wonderful dogs--full of energy and vitality, joyfully eager to please, and boy do they love to hunt the birdies! The BSS had chukars from Calif. brought in, the dogs each made 3 flushes, steadied to wing and shot, and retrieved to hand(well, that was the point anyway, some of the little fellars were just too excited for the level of Competition!) I've never seen any breed sooo excited to hunt, or maybe it was just me after all these years!

The Clinton House runs a fine operation, everyone was down to earth. The Gallery(spectators) was permitted to follow the dogs and handlers very close behind, no need for binocs and the birds flushed sometimes overhead! Went to the Tower Pheasant Shoot on Friday afternoon as well, over 100 ringnecks, Huns and chukars were released over the shooters. Was unable to return on Sun. for Day 2 finals and honors so I can't post the Champions.

If anyone is interested, the BSS National RETRIEVING Trials will be March 25-28, again at the Clinton House. As I understand this event, it is primarily a waterfowl land&water retrieving trial, with a seminar on turkey-hunting w/ Boykins.
Details at www.boykinspaniel.org. BTW, I am in no way affiliated w/ the BSS(yet) or the Clinton House--just a guy who is rekindling an affair w/ wingshooting in Honor of my Spaniel who once made it all worthwhile.

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wow, sounds like it was a good time to be had by all- any pictures?

We'll definitely have to post the next event in our headliner!