*UPADTED* Enfield .303

I have a no 4 mk1 1943 Enfield .303 up for trade if any one is interested. The stock is in better shape then some of the other ones I've seen. I'm open to any trade but I'm really looking for a 12ga shotshell reloader or an AK and would be willing to pay the deference on one. And I'm always looking for ammo: 9mm, 12ga, 7.62x54, .22LR, 7.62?39mm. Feel free to with any questions or offers.


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Enfield .303

Which model is it? # 1, 2A, #4 or 5 JC. Pic would help.

Posting add rule #8 A trade value needs to be put in even tho your only interested in trades.
I'm not sure if you received my PM about your Enfield, so I decided to post it here.
If you still have the Enfield, I have a 12 ga. Mec 600 Jr. as a possibility for trade. Interested?

Dirk Pitt

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Do you have a cash price? Are you willing to sell to a Californistanian like myself through an FFL? Thanks.