Ultrasonic Cleaner for Pistols


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Do any of you use an ultrasonic cleaner for handguns?
Harbor Freight has one on sale that looks like it might work well.

http://www.harborfreight.com/25-liter-u ... 95563.html


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The thought of dropping my pistol into a watery solution don't sit well with me, :shock: Personally I wouldn't do it.


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Interesting article. I wonder what the solution consist of, And what would this do to finishes long term is another thought.


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I have an Ultrasonic cleaner from Harbor Freight of the 2.5 L size. It cleans brass very well. I just got the Firearm cleaner and Firearm lube from Brownell's and I'm planning on trying it out. I've got some C&R's that should give it a good trial. I'll let y'all know how it comes out. I may draw the line at glocks in the bath. Tupperware never does well in the dishwasher :lol:


I have one I bought for work.

It is not the end-all you think it is. It will loosen gunk in hidden places. It will sometimes loosen stuff you don't want...colored lettering, glued in sights, Lok-Tite screws, etc.

A lot of how good it works depends on what soap you use. After I ran out of the bought stuff, I use Simple Green. Might be better with the stuff made just for guns (but I know no one is going to actually buy that).

When you bring it out, it will be bone dry. I attempt to dry them with a hair drier, before they start to rust. I get them as dry as I can in the 30 min before they start to rust, and then spray them with Break-Free.

A lot of trouble!!!

I get them cleaner, and faster, the old way.