Twin Ponds Range

Those are some good pictures of good people at the cleanup. I would have been there but had company in for the son's wedding the following week.

I haven't seen anything in the paper after the fact of how successful the cleanup was.

The big question: When is the range going to be open again?

I do believe that a periodic visit from a ranger (I've never seen one ever even after some guns were stolen), or a fake camera or three high up on some trees with a few "you are under surveilance" signs would go a long way to stop the hulligans doing the damage.


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We did the cleanup on Saturday, and the range was opened the next day at 6:00 am..

I was there last Sunday, and there were quite a few people there, and they all were talking about how nice the range was after teh cleanup...

The new 25 yard berm for pistol shooting is real nice.

Also, you never know when a Ranger will show up...They do go by all the time.

Thanks for the job well done and reply "open the nest day",

I wish they would increase the frequency of visits as in the 40-50 times I've been there over the last several years, I've never seen a ranger or uniformed officer out there.

Thanks again for the good work.