Tung Oil and M14E2 stocks


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Recently I became aware of the Value of a M14E2 stock.
I almost passed out when I found out what they were going for.
I saw one with a starting bid of $550 that looked fit only for the burn pile.
Mine is pristine except for the dents the bipod puts in them.
I decided since it looked kind of dry I should perhaps refinish or oil it.
I asked around a bit and was told not to do more than oil it or I would detract from it's value.
Further it was recommended I use 100% tung oil as that was what the military used originally.

I set out to pick up some tung oil.
Much to my surprise I had a hell of time finding it.
I tried the usual places, Lowes, Home Depot, Tru-Value, Ace Hardware, a couple of lumber yards, several boat places and the internet.
I found a couple of Tung Oil formulations but these are not pure tung oil.
They may contain some tung oil but they also contain varnish and stains and God knows what else.
I easily found places I could order it but the shipping was in some cases more than the product.
I found a couple of places that would have had it if they were still open in Charleston.
I finally found it at a place in Mt. Pleasant called Dwell Smart.
They had exactly what I was looking for which was a pint, they also had half pints and gallons.

I am not associated with Dwell Smart in any way I am just posting this in case you want some 100% pure Tung Oil.
Dwell Smart
615 Johnnie Dodds Blvd
Mt Pleasant, SC 29464


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Minwax has the least amount of additives of the bunch which is why I've used it the most, I don't care for Formbys seems like it never dries. I have used boiled lindseed oil on a few stocks before.