Trying to remember the name


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A forien war movie came out a couple years ago and ran in the US. I saw it and it was great!
It was about how Russian jews suvived the Nazi ocupation of Latvia and started to fight back. They formed a militia that greatly upset the German plans and reaped revenge for thier personal losses.
It was a true story because in the credits ,,, One of the brothers came to America after the war and started a trucking conmpany in New York. The other brother was killed after the partisan group were foprced to intigrate into the russian army.

Can't remember the name however. I want to buy a copy to show my father and brother.


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The most amazing part about that story is how long those people lived in the woods. Not the partisans that split off to fight with the Soviets against the Nazis but the regular, everyday people. Extraordinary conditions make for extraordinary people. I hope nothing like that ever occurs in my or my kids' lifetimes.


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