Trip to Starbucks


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Nov 27, 2010
So did anyone go?

I went and no protesters. On the way out, I heard two girls talking about it and they were discussing what to look for on a conceal carry....the bulge and and belt clip, etc. I walked by them with my bulge and clip and they had no clue. They were buying coffee, so I would think they were not against it.

Well that is it.



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Dec 15, 2009
I went past one SB about 12:30, some cars but no one protesting outside in the drizzle. Got to my planned destination about 1:15, no protesters nor any obvious 2A supporters (no hats, shirts except mine). Looked like a nonevent on both sides--- but I bought a coffee and asked for the Manager.
Introduced myself, told him I was a new Starbuck's Customer and why--- he was very informed of today's potentials, and then eagerly explained to me that he endured an attempted mugging for 85Cents in loose change, coming out of a convenience store, by a panhandler whom he refused--- turns out the panhandler got physical and this Mgr. is a pretty good KickBoxer! :lol:

Most recently, this gentleman and his wife suffered a home invasion, which they survived by his taking a golf club to the badguy.

Then he told me he had just purchased his first handgun, with his wife in total agreement, and he was soon taking a CWP class :!:
Also a new NRA member!

He thanked me for my business and offered to buy me lunch the next time I came in!!
He was very interested in our Forum, hope he shows up! :D


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Nov 18, 2010
We stopped by the Starbucks on Fairvew; no protesters, but not many customers either. I'm just hoping it was before or after the rush.


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Mar 14, 2011
Summerville, SC
We went to starbucks this afternoon (the one in the Lowe's parking lot in Summerville) and there were several cars in the parking lot plus three ahead of us in the drive through. Unfortunately we didn't have the time to go inside because we were running late but it was nice to see that they were busy.