Trevons that have been killed and ignored by the media


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Man tells it like it is.
I would be proud to serve in the trenches beside him.

Thanks for the link.


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Everyone should watch this. It hits to the core of how this incident is being leveraged and manipulated by different groups. I passed it along to several friends. THANKS for sharing it.


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. . . and if you or I had posted that, we would all be considered white raciest bigots.

I applaud this man for sticking up for truth and an intelligent community of black people. I could defend this mans right to speak and feel justified doing it. Not because he says what I want to hear, but because he speaks with intelligence and truth. HE is not a victim. He is not a raciest. He is not an ignorant follower of a hate filled organization.

I 'LIKED' his program and will listen to some of his other commentaries. You should to. It will help you gain an understanding of how the black community, filled with hate feels; and how the black community, filled with good work ethics and intelligence feels. That said, blacks are not alone in this mentality. Many whites have fallen into this hate due to color. I personally will not be prejudiced against you because of your color, I will, however, be prejudiced against you for your attitude toward me, and the community of Americans at large.