**Traded***SC - WTT/WTS Sig Sauer Mosquito .22lr

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I have decided to get rid of my Sig Mosquito, as I just don't shoot it that much.

Originally I bought it as a "trainer" for my carry gun. I really don't use it for that purpose, and I want to clear up some space, or possibly trade for something I will use more.

This gun has about 500 rounds through it and looks brand new. It will come with everything that it comes with from the factory.

This includes, the pistol, 1 mag, plastic Sig case, 2 recoil springs (for hotter and lighter ammo), and all books etc that are with it.

Price - $270

Possible Trades include:
.22lr pistols, Buckmark, Ruger
.22lr revolvers
.22lr bolt and carrier for an AR
.22lr AR upper
Smith Revolvers
Really any Handgun or Revolver would be considered
Ruger 10/22
Milsurp rifles including but not limited to AK or SKS
Whatever- Just try me, I am really open to having a new toy.

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