TRADED: Kimber Pro BP Ten II (Doublestack Polymer 1911)

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For sale or trade: EDIT, the gun is no longer available. It has been traded.

Kimber Pro BP Ten II 1911.

It's a doublestack (high capacity), polymer framed (lightweight), 1911, chambered in .45 ACP.

It comes with two 13 round magazines with Wolff extra power magazine springs installed. I have the original magazine springs, as well.

I believe the trigger has been worked by Upstate Armory Group.
The sites that are installed are Truglo fiber optic sights.
It also has an extended slide release installed.

Comes with a Blackhawk Serpa holster that had to be modified to fit this gun, since the frame is a tad wider than a regular 1911.

The gun probably only has a few hundred rounds through it. I've only shot about a hundred rounds through it, but never had a problem with it, and I think the previous owner only shot a little bit more than that when he had it.

The reason I want to sell/trade it is to get a full size (5 inch barrel) 1911 or a Sig 229.

I will take a trade for an aluminum frame 1911 with a 5 inch barrel or a Sig 229.

Wanting to do a face to face transaction within the upstate area.




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FS/FT: Kimber Pro BP Ten II (Doublestack Polymer 1911)

i know you will think im delusional or some such word, but i believe i am the first to "manufacture" that model handgun.

before Para Ordanance ever made the first alloy kit i saw their add for a double stack 45. i called for info.

as soon as i found they were making them i bought one, commander length, and put it together with my Colt Officers Model.

later i bought a blue slide and put the satin nickel Colt back together.

ill make a pic. it looks remarkably like your Kimber but is 25 years older.


FS/FT: Kimber Pro BP Ten II (Doublestack Polymer 1911)

Added pics to the original post of the Blackhawk SERPA holster that will come with the gun.
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