TOTALLY AWESOME military museum - Columbia SC

The General

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Nov 19, 2009
Hey y'all. I visited one of the most awsome military museums that I have ever seen. Its right here in Columbia SC just a stones throw from the Gamecock football stadium.

Its a free museum and their displays are totally awsome. From Rev war to the present, each era of US fighting man is represented. TONS of guns from the enemies we fought. Big display about Carbine Williams. Everything is just beyond words to describe.

Its absolutely worth a visit - Now that I've seen it, I'd say its worth a 2-hour drive from anywhere. Best part is, if you're nice to the guy out front (Mike) he'll give you a private tour. If he seems to think you're a nice person, ask him if its possible to see the Arms room (the vault). I just about soiled myself seeing it. Stens, MP40, 1919A4, AK's Thompsons, Reisings, Muskets, BAR's, you name it, its there!!! The vault isn't open to the public, but all we did was ask... Make sure you tell them that you found out about the museum from a recent visitor. When I stepped inside I said "Oh, a Chachaut French MG", to which he says, "Pick it up and play with it..." Holy Crap!!!! Not only could I look, but he let me handle any of the guns I wanted....

Here's the web site - Its being totally updated, so not too many pics on line. Visit the site ofter

Be sure to drop some $$ into the donation box near the end of the line - If you don't think its worth $10, then I'll eat my hat.

If you think its cool and want to help, they will accept volunteers to do anything. They have over 12,000 items catalogued in their storage area and more coming every day. They also have vehicles (some are outside like the M48 Patton tank) and some inside in the new building (ask to see them). Couple of jeeps, a recoiless 105mm rifle on a jeep, a Kubelwagon.

Hell, they even had George Patton's saddle. Not one like it, but HIS!!! Also, they have over 5000 pieces from Gen Westmoreland (who's family donated after he died).

GO SEE THIS MUSEUM..... If you even like guns, you're going to love this place.

BTW: I have no affiliation or connection with them - I just think its totally awesome and I'm telling everyone I know.