To use TulAmmo, or not...


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Anyone using lots of TulAmmo for the range? I know I have seen someone say they used it in their new 1911 recently and it worked out pretty good.

I was thinking about buying a box to try out in my RIA 1911 and a box for the 9mm Sig, and possibly in bulk to store just in case I run out of all my good ammo in a "zombie apocalypse." There is just something cool about cases upon cases of ammo staring at you in your gun safes, waiting for there time to shine, lol.

I am thinking about buying some ammo in bulk for calibers of firearms I own, and don't own, for those "just in case moments". TulAmmo is just one of the brands that came up in my search that is the cheapest to buy in bulk.

The only thing is, I have heard its dirty more than anything, and I have read a few stories of squib loads, but then again, I have read those stories about almost all manufactures' ammo, more so with manufactures over seas like this.

After I experienced the very lightly loaded Monarch (made in Serbia) .380 ammo and a squib load, I have shunned most overseas ammo. But with the attractive price of TulAmmo, I am reconsidering overseas ammo.

My thinking is, if I can check most of the ammo individually with a scale to make sure they are within an average weight, maybe I can avoid too lightly loaded rounds, and the dreaded squib load. Ofcourse, thats assuming the weight of the projectile is almost exactly the same all the time for each round.


1. What are your guys views on Tulammo?
2. Any more first hand experiences with it with the .45 ACP loads?
3. Do you think it would be worth my time to save $5 or more dollars a box with TulAmmo for range amuunition and backup (stockpile, lol), ammunition, over my range favorites such as Blazer, fiocchi, WWB, and Magtech.

I am guessing the only real way for me to tell is to buy a few boxes some and shoot them for some of my different guns. But I just wanted to see some opinions and first hand stories/info before I even decided on more than 1 box.

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Although I have never used any Tula handgun rounds I have plenty of experience with the 5.56 and 7.62 rounds. I will say they shoot just fine and I have had no problems with FTF/FTE. They are dirty. If I take one magazine to the range in my AR it is as dirty as firing seven magazines of LC193.

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It seems to be that old adage:

"Keep your weapons clean at all times"

That being said, always clean your weapons and even if you use the "dirtier" ammo you will stay on top of the game. Use the cheap stuff at the range- clean your weapons and save the good stuff for a rainy day. ;)

P.S.: Reloading makes things even better- use the dirty ammo for target practice and then reload it into an improved condition. :cool:

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I know nothing of reloading and I have only seen that you cannot reload steel case ammo, but why?

So that I am not hijacking this thread...
I buy Tula for range use and I keep quality ammo in storage for, as Mr. Raver said, a "rainy day." I never really thought about Tula handgun ammo as I can usually pick up Federal .40 cheap at Great-Wall-of-China-Mart.


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Thanks guys! So, from my research on on multiple forums and this one, I gathered that TulAmmo is really F'n dirty, you can't do much with the casing beside throw it in the trash, and it's made in the same factory as Wolf ammo and it's actually the one and the same. I clean after each outing, or at the range AND when I get home if I am shooting a lot of ammo, so the dirtiness isn't that big of a deal for me.

Sounds like I am going to have to try a few different calibers out if the price seems reasonable to me. With TulAmmo not being brass and it being dirtier, I think I will grab a box or two if I see it for $5 or more cheaper than my usual target practice ammo.

Dirk Pitt

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Just something to keep in mind about this type of ammo, the polymer coating on casings can adhere to the chamber of the barrel and act like a glue especially when switching to brass ammo after shooting polymer coated steel cased ammo. So be sure to clean thoroughly after shooting polymer coated ammo, you wouldn't want to cause a stoppage in your gun when you pick it up to defend your life or others because you didn't clean it properly after shooting practice ammo. Below I've attached a link to a Box O' Truth article explaining this more thoroughly. Not to turn you off about using this type of ammo, I've given thought to keeping traditional brass ammo in stored and shooting the cheapo steal stuff as well just need to clean appropriately after use.


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If anyone finds error in this please correct-

For the best of my recollection, The TulAmmo is made at the same place as Wolf steel, and as Monarch Steel. I've never had issues with Wolf Steel or Monarch Steel in 9mm, but I have never shot TulAmmo.

Monarch Brass is made at the Prvi factory in eastern Europe.

For what it's worth, I have has 100% success with Brass Monarch, which retails at 11.99, and its reloadable. I don't reload, but I have a buddy that does and I trade brass for reloaded rounds, its the best of both worlds.


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I have shot a lot of the Tula in my AR's and have never had a problem. It's fairly accurate, shooting about 1.5" three shot groups at 100yds.


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Well, I got 2 boxes of .45 at ~$12 each and 2 boxes of 9mm at ~$8 each to try out.

I am still going to inspect almost every cartridge visually and by weight before shooting, can't be too paranoid. If the ammo gains some of my trust after going to the range with it, I will get some more. I will still inspect the ammo each time I buy it, I am just paranoid after my other overseas ammo incident with Monarch.

I am willing to save, what seems like, more than a bucks a box for .45 target practice ammo buy buying TulAmmo if all I do is have to inspect it and not have use a round or two from a few boxes.