timing on a Remington 870?


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I just bought an 870 express and was talking to a fellow I work with and the conversation turned to aftermarket parts, repairs, and customisations, etc.

He mentioned something about the timing on an 870. Anybody have any ide what he's talking about?
It has to do with the feeding of shells I gathered from the conversation.




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Huh, that's something I don't hear very often generally only when the forend tube assy is bad.
870 timing is an interaction between the shell latches and the forend tube assy.
It is not adjustable and is the purpose of the ramps on the forend tube arms.
These ramps depress the shell latches at specific intervals.

Replacing a forend tube assy is easy compared to a shell latch.
It should require no special tools or fitting.
Although if you are replacing it on an older 870 you should replace the bolt as the slide assy is different now due in part to the flexitab system.
At one time there was a kit for converting to flexitab.

I have not done it personally but read where a guy cut the arm to fit an old style slide assy and says it works well.

You do need to look at your shell latches carefully for damage, I have seen a broken latch that had a sharp edge that had worn away the ramp.


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interesting. I'm going to bring this 870 to Boggy Head this weekend. I'll get you to show me exactly what you're talking about.

I also got the Hogue Overmold stock and forend for it. I want to put it on while I'm at it.
I have the extended mag tube, but I don't know if I'll have time to take out the little dimples in theoriginal tube before I get there.