Time to take a word back

Low Branch

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This is off topic from the "Why I voted Democrat" thread so I made a new one.

It is time for people who believe in liberty and individualism to take back the (now dirty) word "liberal." Our founding fathers were considered liberal in their time because they stood for liberty and I proudly call myself a liberal now. Socialists hijacked the word during the late 19th and early 20th centuries because socialists were seen in an unflattering light, which is well deserved. We often call people liberals who are really socialists, not even realizing that we who believe in liberty and freedom are the liberals.

Please do not believe me and take the time to research the history of liberals for yourself. The historical use of the word is widespread and available...


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The meaning of words are always changing when it comes to politics. Progressivism is the issue today. Not Dem vs. Rep. Progressivism and Socialism led to Chavez. Brazil is sliding in that direction as well. They just elected a fellon as President.