Thoughts on this ammo

Hey guys.

Not sure if this is the right place, but i have Bulk Factory reloads that i picked up from Cheaper than Dirt and was wondering what you thought.

The first box of .308 150gr reloads i didn't have any issues.
So i bought the same product again. This time I am having a sizing issues.

The rounds are oversized and not letting me seat the bolt. The first bad round was in there pretty good and needed a rubber mallet to knock the bolt back. I went thru a total of 10 rounds and found 4 bad ones out of those 10. So i stopped using those and switched to factory Hornady's and Winchesters to make sure it wasn't my rifle. And those seated no problem.

How would you guys think i should handle this with the company?
I figured it would be best to email the manufacturer vs cheaper than dirt. Since they state on their page "NO RETURNS".

I got 250rnds 0f BVAC .308, 150grn, FMJ's
Using in my Savage Model 10.

I have images of the rounds if you want to see. Just not sure how to post them. And they are very large pictures, to show the hard to see detail.


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Personally I like the ImageShack Toolbar but it can be done manually.

Pictures should not be larger than 800x600

To upload manually
go to
Click Browse
Select File
Click open
Click Upload now
After upload
Find Forum Code
Copy then paste into your message
You can sometimes leave it all.
You can cut out everything but what is between the first set of leave this part [img].
Be sure to hit preview as sometimes the picture does not show up.
You can copy the direct link, paste it into the message, highlight it and hit the Img button.
Thanks. i remembered i had a photobucket account too. I hope they're not too big. i changed them to 800x600.
So Here's a few pics:
The half-moon indent was there from the manufacturer. They shipped that way. And is on almost every round. The striation marks came from me trying chamber the round.




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Call BVAC and tell them whats happening. I use their ammo all the time for 5.56mm and 308 and have never had a problem. I'm sure if your nice they will help you out. They will prob want you to send them the old ammo so they can check it out.
I got a hold of the company and they were helpful. They wanted my information and said they would do a call tag. I'm not familiar with call tags, but i got that they will ship me a new box or a label to ship the ammo back with, or something.

Are you guys familiar with call tags?
And how long should it take? I've been waiting two weeks now.

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Call tags are pretty easy, at least UPS ones. They may have mailed it to you, sometimes a driver might bring it to you instead, ore even e-mail it to you. Basically it is a prepaid return shipment tag. Have your ammo boxed up and ready to go. Drivers who have the call tag will make3 attempts to pick up the package from you. If you receive the call tag, you can drop off the package at a UPS store or UPS Hub, free of charge of course. You may be able to call for a pickup(FedEx usually has you do that), as UPS might have that option. If you don't see or hear anything this week, contact the company again and ask about the call tag and how you were supposed to obtain it. Also, make sure you cover or remove previous shipping labels to avoid error- the Samsonite gorillas work for ALL shipping companies! :lol:

Any other questions or problems, feel free to PM me- I am glad to be of service to a Forumer!!! :cool: