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Frost said:
Would someone please post the state firearm laws here.

I''d like to do that if no one has already started.

The SLED website is out of date and doesn't have all the statutes. has it all, but the statutes are spread out over a few titles, articles, and chapters.

I can have it finished Saturday night.


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I posted what sled has, I think that'll work until Andrew has the more current info ready, then I'll just delete the ginormous posts LOL


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John Canuck said:
Here is a pretty good resource. They have a PDF for every state. I always use this as my starting point when traveling, and verify the accuracy with the appropriate authority. has "screwed" a few people over in the past, but it looks like they are updating there stuff again, and correctly at that. I remember when they posted restaurant carry was ok for states that didn't even have restaurant carry. That made me question the other information they had. I used it as a starting point, but would double check the statutes they posted and described. I remember finding more stuff wrong in the SC section and NC section than any other state. I guess they actually got someone to update the SC that knows what they're doing now.

Since Enjay went ahead and posted the gun laws from the SLED site, I'll see if she and I can work together on making it easier to navigate the statutes posted on her thread It would be cool if others could double check the statutes that were posted on here against the different places that host SC statutes concerning firearms.