This has me WHITE hot!


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The first few paragraphs:
ROCKFORD ? Women who log onto an Illinois State Police Web page will find they are advised to protect themselves with a ?rat tail comb, keys, pens and pencils? against an assailant armed with a gun or knife.

As a last resort, women are told put their fingers into their throats and to make themselves vomit, apparently to make themselves less attractive.

?I find that demeaning and insulting,? said Valinda Rowe, spokeswoman.

Rowe, the 2011 National Second Amendment Grassroots Activist of the Year and an NRA-certified firearms instructor, said ?I believe other women would prefer to carry a .38, .45 or 9 mm.?

The IL State Police website link only brings up an error page (I suspect it's being hit hard and heavy, or they took it down in SHAME) or I'd have included it too.

A bunch of misogynistic.... This is a family friendly forum so I'll stop now. URGHHH!! :evil: :evil: :evil:
Nowhere is perfect, but I am so very glad that I live somewhere that values their citizens and wants them to be safer.
I <3 SC!


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You can bet the the fools making the laws there have more than keys and pens to protect them.
What crazy insanity and idiotic rhetoric. We may have a million places we can not carry in SC, but at least our legislature doesn?t expect us to use pencils for our defense!!


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If pens and combs were effective against armed criminals, wouldn't police give up their guns and tasers and start carrying holstered Bics? :roll: :evil:


John Canuck

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I had to read the last resort part a couple of times and think about it for a minute. I concluded (again) that you can't fix stupid. Is the goal for the lady to vomit on herself, or the attacker?


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When I was a young teen, my well meaning Mom bought me a self defense book that advised the vomiting idea, but also to pee yourself, drool and talk like as if you were literally crazy, to "make yourself less attractive." It also recommended screaming "Fire!" instead of "Rape!" because people were more likely to rush to help (and gawk) if they thought there was a fire.

I threw that book away.


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Have a sis who lives in Rockford, for 25 years--- when she comes home to visit SC, darn near any mention of guns, much less SEEING one, makes her nervous as a politician taking a polygraph. It's not Guns that make her skittish, it's the ingrained Fear of being 'Caught' with/around a Gun by her 'protectors and servants of the gret state of Illannoy".

Blinders on, denial is an adequate defense--- if that don't work, I expect she'll just cuss an assailant out--and it might werk, I've seen her take down many a strong man with just her 'tude. I myself have reconsidered takin' her on when she's in a blither. Love her, hope the BigGuy does , too.


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I don't know where they're supposed to aim the vomit, I think just that it appears is supposed to be enough to deter them. Personally I think it would run the risk of making them angry more than anything else, and I can draw much faster than I can make myself get sick.

Caitlyn, I've seen books just like that, and was subjected to school safety seminars in the same vein. Another winner was to make sure you were covered by a coat from neck to knee every time you went out. I guess it stemmed from the if you dress attractively you're asking for trouble, or maybe they were going with the make yourself less appealing by being a hot, sweaty mess?


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Just a random info dump. Yelling "FIRE" will get more attention than "HELP". that much has been tested and proven, repeatedly. Using " a rat tail comb, keys, pens and pencils" as a last resort is perfectly correct and accurate too, as a last resort. any good self defense class will teach you that anything can be a weapon, when you have no other choice. But ask my wife sometime how i feel about her haveing to defend herself.

The rest of it is complete and utter bulshit. Seriously... Vomiting and pissing yourself?


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This advice is seriously not OK. This goes back to the force conversation we had. Why is it the woman's job to prevent her own attack, day and night, with a series of ridiculously ineffective and laughable "tools" instead of just taking some classes and carrying?

I have a roommate who has been getting some minor but growing unwanted attention from a customer at work. She's done all the right things and alerted managers and coworkers, made sure to clear her car, shifts her times a little bit, etc. until it's under control. She's also gone ahead and stuck her .38 snub in her glove box just in case all that passive prep doesn't mean a damn thing to physically stop a determined man. (before I get drilled on this, it really is more likely a simple crush but she's preparing in case it's not. The line was crossed when he asked coworkers her hours and she's not in a service field where that should matter to him, it's a sales position.)

Bob Ouellette

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Stan in SC said:
It's Illinois!What the heck do you expect to come out of that state?

Stan in SC
Maybe, "To avoid the possibility of most attacks, it would be safer to never leave the house." tacked onto the end of it. :roll:


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Yes, Fire does attract more attention than Help. And rat tailed combs, keys etc are decent enough very last resort weapons. What ticks me off so much is that they're recommending them as first tier defenses and hurling as a last resort, against attackers armed with ranged weapons. They don't even recommend a knife, and I know that you're allowed to carry knives under a certain blade length in IL, I want to sat 2.5 inches but it probably varies by city.