This guy is dedicated!


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I guess he wanted to sing a tune for the guys shooting up the street, Or he has an AK in side the guitar He is kinda holding it funny.


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Bringing a guitar to a gunfight is more likely to make him a much better Harp player... or what ever they play in hell. ;)


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i could be wrong but watching guys like this on news and videos, im not sure they are shooting at actual targets.
wouldnt the camera man be open to gunfire?
look close and you will see brass coming from the guy crouching. did he shoot the guy in front of him in the back?
on some vids they just walk out into the street, shoot for a looooong time then walk back without ever taking fire, afterward
and in flip-flops? not planning to get away fast.


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I just clicked on the photo and got a guitar makers' ad. Maybe a Photoshopped image for advertising purposes?


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I wouldn't doubt that it is fake, I just thought that it was funny!
I wonder what song he is playing?

"All we are saying,
is give peace a chance..."

or maybe

"Send lawyers, guns, and money..."