thinking of getting a ruger mini 14


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Jan 24, 2010
I had one for a few years and never really warmed up to it. I t is not as accurate out of the box as a 223 should be. Ruger mags are not cheap. You can send it off to have it accurized but by the time you sink all that money into it you could pick up a nice AR.
Nov 11, 2009
not trying to be a smart ass , but what do you want the mini 14 for?( for what use? plinking , home defense? etc.) I bought my mini in 2000 . shot the heck out of it . then bought my first ar in 2001 . the mini collected dust til i sold it in 2006. the ar just did everything better. of course now that the high cap ban has expired you can get quality hi cap mags now. that was the biggest complaint i had . well that and the lack of accuracy. when i was shooting mine ruger factory hi caps were almost non existant , now they are pretty common.
Nov 13, 2009
Kershaw, SC
actually, should have said we already have 2 ARs, Rottie got a new one for Christmas i forgot about. that makes 2 for her.

truth is i just want a new autoloader since all my rifles are either

(A) bolt guns
(B) lever guns
(C) autoloaders but in either pistol caliber or rimfires

so since the minis are redesigned for increased accuracy since 2003 and lately have 20, 30, and 40 round mags and tactical setups, i think i'll try one out. we've got so much 5.56/.223 ammo already that my thinking is get a 5.56 and baby and me will have a common caliber to draw from. if i end up not liking it, i'll just throw it in the closet and try something else. no biggie. anyone see any problem with that?
Nov 11, 2009
jonyrotten said:
you guys should hit cheaperthandirt, i just picked up another 1000 rds of federal and remington for under 40 cents apiece
oh i got 3 or 4 thousand rounds .......its just a lot more fun to shoot yours!! :roll:
Nov 13, 2009
Kershaw, SC
2 points

(1) i've never been very good with peep sights
(2) 45 year old eyes have started to fail their owner

that being said, i'm pretty happy with my first 10 straight out of the box. that's a 1 inch diameter bullseye

granted, i was sitting down, but i wasn't shooting from a rest. just sitting in a chair shooting from 50 yards. next time i have some good weather i'll set up my 70 yard shot and see how i do. that's about as long a shot as i have around here unless i set up a target in my driveway.

but as i said, i'm very pleased with the 2009 Ruger Mini-14