there is a new indoor range in Sptbg


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my wife drove by it and i was near today so i stopped in. it will be opening Monday the 5th of March.

im sorry to say i wont be able to make it back to shoot. do you know what people want to let you shoot inside a building?

they told me $20,00 an hour. then they told me ( just my bullets or mine and theirs, i dont remember) the state charges $5.00 per 50 rds DISPOSAL FEE. you think im lying. i can hear you.

so i take an M-16, shoot for an hour, fire an easy 500 shots, it costs $70.00. wonder if i can get my brass back.

now some people will like it. they will sell guns,i didnt ask, but they might rent them too. no class 2 or 3 yet but they are pretty sure auto will be ok. told me up to 50 cal and also 75 ft lanes.

remember the Honda motorcycle shop on the Ashville hwy? just up the road towards town.

The Firing Line


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I've never liked indoor shooting ranges and @ 20 bucks an hour to shoot, Dang. :shock: All I can say is let's hope it doesn't turn in to another Alan Arms. :roll:

Seeing this makes me thankful I have property to shoot on.


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Does that mean they'll charge $5 extra per 50 rounds they sell? Or per 50 rounds you shoot? And is this just a hidden tax our gov't has conjured up? I know of ponds that are littered with lead fishing weights but have never heard of an extra $5 for every sinker you lose. I once went to Allen Arms with the girlfriend and it ended up costing me $48 to shoot a box of .45. Never made that mistake again! The wood pile dont mind lead. :D


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If you think that's not a bad deal, you can shoot in my gulley for half that rate. And i will only charge you $5/50 AMMO INCLUDED (22LR only). ;)

I think these places cater to the sudivision suburbanites that have no othe place to go. I know I heard from people at work how wonderful Allen Arms is. I think it's simply because they wouldn't be able to shoot otherwise. Unlike us country folk. I just try to keep quiet, otherwise I would have too many friends.

I guess the right thing to do would be to get them in a gun club. What are the best clubs in the Upstate?


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jgodfrey said:
And is this just a hidden tax our gov't has conjured up?:D

It's a fee they have conjured up. Most ranges GET PAID for their lead by companies that specialize in lead removal and containment. Those companies in return sell the lead and give a portion back to the range.


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Unless this is a local ordinance, I'd call it bunk. ATP is the largest indoor nearby and they have a $10 pistol range and a $15 rifle.

My problems shooting indoors are the people. They usually seem even less informed than the public range crowd.


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yeah, they claimed it was a State thing and no way around it, its not us, im gonna cry, boo hoo.

cant argue with them, i got what i needed and left. im good with the gully or Philsons.

what about that news story where peoples houses are being hit by gunfire, they know who, but making a new law about where we can shoot makes more sense than proving whos bullets they are and arresting him for endangering people.


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Being a reloader I really try to avoid lost brass ranges.
If that was all I had I would only shoot revolver there so they would get none of my brass.
$20 an hour does seem kind of stiff but when you live in the city and don't have any country friends sometimes you don't have any choice.
I prefer going to an outdoor range with my friends but I do use an indoor range for convenience the Trader World range is reasonably close.
I have no idea what they charge as I buy a membership.