Their on sale again.


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They do indeed have some good prices.
I just wish they would help sponsor a ShootzenFest.
Every penny we get from the sponsors goes to buy t-shirts and stuff.
We don't keep any of it.
Remember to buy from our sponsors whenever possible.
Our sponsors care about the shooting community and support you guys.


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Let me know next time. I wanted to donate a few holsters for you to give away/raffle off last time.


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I just got am email form PSA...They have lowers again....for $49.00....

And, they advertise a complete upper for $329.00....Christmas specials...



The upper is not really 100% complete for the $329 sale price it does not come with the bolt carrier group and charging handle. The sale price with the BCG and CH is $399.99



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I went to see them Saturday.

I know they didnt mean to but they let me down this time. Specifily went for a stock kit and 1 or 2 cases of Blazer 22s, and maybe a 22 upper.

the only upper they had was a 22 so i grabbed it and didnt let go till checkout. All they had was 4 boxes of 22s and after looking around 3 of them were sold, waiting to be sure they had no cases in the back.

I got the stock kit and when i got home, Spartanburg, i found out that the castle nut didnt have any threads in it. doesnt screw on the tube very well. I called and they said they would fix it, somehow next week.

They had lowers though.