The Wolfman

Midnight Raver

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Sep 29, 2009
Dodge City, Moscowchusetts
I should have posted this back in february!

The first of two movies I have seen in a theater this year(a record since 2007!), The Wolfman was a great remake of the old 1944 classic with Lon Chaney Jr in it. It was nicely done with great settings, dialogue, and action that was not over the top or too gorey. The only thing that my wife and I did not like was the use of CG effects on two animals in the movie- namely, a bear and a stag. That being said, it probably saved them from having to deal with live ones and did not detract from the movie greatly due to their brief appearances.

All told, Benicio Del Toro paid homage to Lon Chaney Jr with his performance(he even resembled him in it!) and the other cast members did very well to make this a movie that I will certainly add to my DVD collection!

I just have to wait for it to be released now, whenever that may be...