The State of American Dysfunction


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May 22, 2011
Charleston, SC

Department of Homeland Security
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
Transportation Security Administration
Social Security Administration
Republican Party
Democratic Party
City of Chicago
City of Detroit
City of San Francisco
District of Columbia

US Constitution
Common Sense (i.e. logical progression; Scientific Method)


Most stop signs in the US could be replaced by Yield signs and traffic collisions would decrease.

There is zero justification for why it is illegal to drive to Food Lion, buy a 12 pack of Budweiser, and then open one of the beers and drink it on the drive home.

There is zero justification for why anything contained in the 1934 National Firearms Act exists.

High Fructose Corn Syrup is not "Corn Sugar."

Deciding to use food as a fuel source for machinery is borderline macro-suicidal on a global scale.

Stealing immeasurable amounts of money from "the People" and giving it to failed companies to prolong or avoid their well-earned deaths is responsible for this recession.

Spending or borrowing money in order to "get out of debt" is going to have the exact same result on a large governmental scale that it has when Joe Smith owes $25,000 to Citi-Bank so he gets a $20,000 credit limit with a Bank of America card. He becomes $45,000 in debt. Not richer.

The price of gold is not increasing. It never has. A $20 gold coin, or the $20 cash equivalence, in 1800 bought a nice, well-tailored suit that would last beyond your lifetime. That same $20 gold coin, or it's cash equivalence, could do the same thing in 1900. In the year 2000 and today in 2011 the same coin can do the same thing. Your $20 bill can't even fill the tank on a moped. The only value that has changed is the value of the fiat currency.

The United States has wasted time, money and the lives of countless people to "play around" in Iraq and Afghanistan. The US is going to pull-out of those two countries and they will immediately collapse into a dystopian nightmare of Darwinian tribal genocide. In 1990 Iraq was the largest secular Arab state (i.e. not a "Muslim Country") and today it might as well be Sudan. When we leave it will turn into Somalia. Mission Accomplished.

At home, the past four presidents have pretty much erased the entirety of the Bill of Rights from American life. Now we're conditioned and used to "Background Checks", "Machineguns are Illegal", "Sporting Purpose", 922(r), 1994 Crime Bill Omnibus, China military import bans, "Free Speech Zones", no taking pictures of police, no liquids on a plane, your 5 year old or an elderly Irish nun has to get fondled by TSA while Hajji McBomber saunters by unmolested, if police find you with more than a couple thousand dollars in cash then they can steal it even if there is no crime alleged until you hire an attorney to prove that it is legally yours, it is illegal to lie to police but it is legal for them to lie to you, in many places it is illegal to not report a crime but it is not illegal for police to not respond to reports of crime, and to top it all off the US has, by all measures, abdicated all responsibility for maintaining sovereign territorial borders with Mexico while simultaneously cracking down on US citizens travelling to Canada.

Keep on keepin' on.



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Oct 4, 2009
Hanahan, SC
I can not argue with one point you made here....but, what do we do about it...

The only thing I can do is to vote...and, I did. And it for sure was not for the people in charge...

I will listen to any other ideas you have ...