The Pita house

If you like good food, especially Mediterranean food such as falafel, the pita house is the ticket.
It is on
495 S Pleasantburg Dr
Greenville, SC 29607

If you are in town during the week, PM me as any excuse to eat there I will accept!


Hell Yes, +alot.

Remember Cash Only!!

I love the beef schawarma with hummus.

So good, now I am craving some gyro, or falafel, or some of their homemade pastries. Oh man, everything they have is good.


I looked themup on Google and they have extreamly high ratings on all the travel sites.
I like mediteranean food a lot. especially the salads and the Gyros.


Crunchy Frog

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The Pita House rules. Great folks and they treat you like family.

My favorite is the Middle East Platter with gyro meat. Awesome.