The pigs are back!


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I got a phone call the other day from my hunting buddy about feral hogs. With all the rain over the winter and spring seasons the pigs had disappeared from his property since it's bordered by wetlands which were under water.

The water has finally receded to the point where semi dry travel paths are once again available thru the swamp and the pigs are on the move. They have started to make stops at our corn piles and the good news is they're visiting while it's still daylight.

We plan to pattern them and I hope to knock some down within the next couple of weeks. Now I just need to pick out a rifle or should I use a pistol or wait............what about a shotgun, I haven't taken one with my Saiga yet!

I'll keep ya posted.


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Clicker: I will loan you my 6 1/2" .44 Mag...that would be fun, and, I have some hog-killing ammo...

I would love to get a shot at a hog...



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I hunt them in the mountains with a longbow.....the adrenalin rush is unbelievable.

I need to get a .44 BP pistol with a large chamber so if i get charged i can defend myself.....i dont want to be found with a ripped out femoral artery. :)


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Sorry guys I've been working OT and the computer decided to act up and drop the network connection. But I'm back up now.

Steve I have a 41 magnum that should work but I'll keep your generous offer in mind. I have a couple of 44 mag rifles but no handguns in that caliber, yeah weird huh, but I'll solve that problem one day.

Took a 125 lb boar last year with the M16 suppressed in 9mm, worked fine. I'd really like to use my 10mm but I need to mount my Aimpoint on her first. I have taken a smaller pig with the 10mm and iron sights but the red dot would help in the low light.


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I just watched a news report last night on wild hogs in the area, Apparently it's so bad that it's open season on them.


I am looking for a member of the landed gentry that has a feral pig problem. I have a Marlin 336 in .35 Remington that is just itchin' to help solve that problem! And I won't even charge mileage :D