The people ya meet in traveling...


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Well i havent bin on here for a while. My computer went knuckinfuts so i formated and started from scratch. Anyway the family and i just came back from a little 2 day trip from the smokey mountains and we stopped in at a little historic farmhouse museum. It was neet, it displayed life in the 1700's with the farm material, methods of doing things and what not.
I am no stranger to primitive skills so I find it interesting. It wasnt guided so many people just walk around and checked out the different things. I was standing at the side entrance to the main house and accross from me was a couple in there 60's (im a baby at 32) and we all were looking around at the different things. I commented, "Its a humbling thing to se all of this, we lived as the human race for thousands of years like this".
The man looked at me and smilled and said ,"Ohh we can go back to thoes days".
To which my reply was, "The shit would have to hit the fan pretty hard for all of it to go poof but with govornment fingers in the pie it is always an option".
He laughed and said, "Good to see one of you youngins have there head screwd on streight".

Unexpected encounters will get you wierd looks from the other people listening to conversations . :)

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Most people would be totally lost without their technology they depend on so much these days. It would make for such wide spread anarchy of unbelievable proportions! :shock:

"WHAT??? The speaker for the drive up is dead, you mean I have to get out of the car and actually GO INTO the fast food place???" :lol:


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I think there is a method to the technology madness.
I am in technology for my living adn I see, from the outside looking in what is happening to the next several generations.
One can extrapolate from observing the influences our social choices have made upon our own generations and social groups what may happen to the next generations. I see alot of things they ar emissing out on and, sadly, won't be able to go back and pick them up later.

I suppose there are strengths to the technology, and they'll never be able to comprehend what they didn't experience.
I'd not want to live in a dirt floor cabin, but my grandfather was born in one and he turned out alright.
When I was very young we visited some famil who still had an outdoor toilet. That was something very new to me. I'd never without indoor plumbing, but those couple of weeks we stayed with them gave me another perspective on how people lived. Needless to say I was glad to get back home, but, you get used to stuff like that sooner than you might think. Hell, as kids we'd sooner pee in the woods behind the house than have to go inside the house and take off our shoes. ;)



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I was on a family trip to Brasil in 2004. On a small commuter flight between Brasilia and Rio this older well dress, white hair, definitely American sat next to me on the cramped plane. He started going through his briefcase and I saw documents with presidential seals. Turns out he was our ambassado to Brasil and it was his first day on the job. He had just met Lula and he couldn't believe all the communist in the government. Told him about a communist parade we had witnessed earlier in the week. He gave me his card and said call if we have any problems. We talked quite a bit and he showed us his schedule which also included a trip to the Harley Davison chrome plant.