The Pacific


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Jan 12, 2010
Upstate, SC
Band of Brothers is one of my favorites and now Spielberg and Hanks have done it again. Kinda wish i had HBO.


Band of Brothers was excellent, following the company from basic to the occupation was a perfect formula for the series. It will be a tough act to follow though, I hope this one will be good too. My sound is on the fritz right now, does it say how many parts that this series will have?


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Jan 4, 2010
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Sadly it doesn't say how many, but I bet it'll be another 10 parter (BoB was 10 right?).

I honestly think it'll be good, it seems to show some of the home front as well from the looks of it.


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Jan 24, 2010
I have show time here at the house dammit, but was on the road this week, and got to see first episode on hotel tv, two thumbs up, at alligator creek the gunner while shifting to engage flanking enemy used a rag to protect his hands from the barrel of an obvious water cooled machine gun. Not trying to be anal here, really did enjoy program, but would the water jacket be that hot, there was alot of enemy on the ground in the AM. ?
I caught the first episode, the series is ok so far...

doesn't seem as dynamic as the pacific theater was then though. Guadalcanal seemed a lot worse going by what I had heard from Marine Corps vets that were there. Maybe the next one will get into defending Henderson field there, that was a tough fight! :shock:


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Jan 12, 2010
Upstate, SC
I found out last night for those who have DirecTv and don't have HBO that the 101(forgot the channel number) will be airing each episode after it is aired on HBO. Tonight at ten they're playing the first episode.


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Jun 6, 2011
Thanks for the heads-up on this---I didn't know it was coming out.
My dad (who died in February) was a pacific vet. With the 1st Cavalry division in the Philippines, 2 years combat.
He also went in with the first wave of occupation troops---onto the Japanese mainland.
Sure wish he could have seen it this new series, sigh.
There is a Japanese 6.5mm Arisaka military rifle standing in the corner of his room even now.
And over the door of another room is an ancient bolt action rifle that he got out of Hirohito's private museum. He was sent in to get some souveniers for some senators
and got one for himself too. He showed me the special pass he had to go into the museum which he kept all these years in his scrap-book.
He was a B.A.R. man when he first began combat....
Lots of good gun stories I have in my head from him, need to write them down one day.
Sure do miss him.

heartfelt thanks to any WW2 vets who may log in here---and to all you vets from every campaign since then.
You are Great.