the original optics.


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bigfutz sent to me and brought me back, so blame him.

original optics is about, I had cataract surgery twice in December. I'm 63 and I couldn't bring myself to do it for 2.5 years when it was diagnosed. I suppose it was a rational fear but as most you learn later it was unfounded. ( this sounds right in my head, are they the right words, lol.)

my lenses were, the right especially, very cloudy. it creeps up slowly. and then it was getting bad. reading glasses helped 3 years ago but no more.

so I committed and went in. but back up a minute. the first time I went in there were 2 ways to do the surgery.

First Way) a scalpel is used to enter the clear part over the iris, the colored part. peel that back and a "pic type thing" is used to break up and pull out the lens with hard cataract. then the new lens is placed. that scared the fool out of me. didn't look nice. insurance paid all of that but whatever your "part" is.

Second way) a laser does the cut, breaks up the hard cataract with sonic something I guess and the new lens is placed.

2.5 years later when I went back it was a little different and I'm really grateful I waited although I had no clue things would change.

now there is no scalpel. they use the laser. insurance covers this and that, the room the anisteioloigest, (cant believe that's spelled right but spell check must not know either.) the guy with the drugs for sleep. BUT you have to choose. if you have a special cut made it will permanently cure an astigmatism. meaning you will never need glasses. insurance doesn't like that cause you will never have to BUY glasses and such.
and another BUT is you have to pay out of pocket for each eye to do it this way because insurance is a bitch. DO IT. it was $1500 each eye.

it takes 6 to 8 minutes but you don't even know that. its like they are rolling you around, you stop, you hear voices and they roll you some more and put on your coat and pour you into a car. you don't feel a thing. you use special drug drops for 3 weeks. sometimes it may feel like you have dust or a hair in there but just deal. bet the second done after 2 weeks and the first is getting real clear.

I was a smoker. a week or so after the first eye was done when I went outside I would look at this huge white oak tree at my door. I was a little confused so I covered up my UN done eye. WOW the bark on that tree was so clean and white. when I covered the new lens and looked I was shocked. the tree bark was YELLOW. from smoking mostly but age also.

its like having new eyes. you HAVE to do it. there is some adjusting to do. it is SUPER bright outside in daylight. I still wear shades inside. floresent lights cause weird reactions but its just a reaction to floresent lights I guess, its all getting better.

IN MY OPINION there is no choice if you have cataracts. they just grow. I had elders way back and saw them suffer with them.

at first your computer screen will look like a new world. COLORS ARE BEAUTIFUL.


you use drops a while. focus starts to get better. outside now I can see distances in focus that weren't possible years ago.

ill stop now. I hope this gets to someone that needs it. even if it weren't perfect it is so much better than having a yellow cloud to see through you must look into it.



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So my hangup is this: I keep reading your eyes will be single focus after cataract surgery. You have to choose: reading glasses or driving (distance glasses). T/F?

Where did you get it done? What do they call what you got? IOL’s (inter ocular lenses) come in different flavors - what are yours?

Note: before IOL’s I guess they just took the cataract’ed lenses out of your eyes, leaving you blind as a bat without cokebottle glasses.


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I believe its a new game now. the 2 lens are a little bit different. I have a card with the info on both, each. one is 22.0 and the other is 22.5 and I cant tell you what that is.

to your question I would say untrue.

they say you may need readers but right now I'm reading clear as can be, my screen. id guess, well ill measure, do de do dooh ... 25 inches away. my keys are 15 inches away.

I have absolutely no problem driving.

what I have noticed, I think I said before, if I walk outside directly into sunlight it is really bright. that is when I cant make them focus at 75 or 100 yrds right then.

if I walk out with sunglasses I can focus at distances.

I may not be the best to try to explain but it is amazing what a difference I have in sight after surgery.

I went to Palmetto Eye Center. my Dr. is Jake P. Bostrom.

I went for an after op visit with each one after 3 weeks. so after the 2nd it had been 6 weeks since the first. he said it was going great.

there are things that made me worry, for a while. like I say lights, and floaters, feels like a hair but I believe they are gone. its about 10 weeks since the first. after the post op he said come back in a year. I was sure I would have to be back before that. its not perfect but damn close. He said it would get better with time.

strange but true, they say keep using drops, yep keep using drops. well weeks after the last visit it felt to me like the dropds were causing a dry spot feeling. I stopped using them 3 times a day to maybe one. after a while I just stopped and they feel great. I use them sometimes but just sometimes, too much TV or straining.

I sound like I'm selling it. I would not want you to do something not good for you. several people I met before I went in told me, just do it. several.

the Dr says its different for different people BUT when you talk after each surgery they pick up on things. he said several times "that's what we hear from others after surgery".

you talk to the DR. if you have been seeing optometrists you should be able to get an appointment to get information.


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all I can see on these cards is Acrysoft lens length 13mm, optic 6.0mm Acrysof IQ iol.

lol, it says UV with blue light filter.

listen I can stress over nothing. I don't stress over this. I see way better than before having this done.