The old man shooting a Saiga

Red Hat

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Was that the 20ga? I have one in 308 and love it. I should have bought a complete set of Saiga firearms when they were cheap!


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So I guess that means it's officially field tested and you've signed off on the QC paperwork.

Talk about wishing you had bought them when they were cheap I know what you mean. I missed a 410 Saiga for under $200 in a pawn shop, kick myself to this day over that.


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That is a 12 gauge.

I am finally satisfied that it is working correctly.
I have shot it so hot it practically glows and it keeps on going now.

They really are fun guns.
If I could find a deal (haha) I would build another one.

Midnight Raver

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Once I got the Russian vodka into his blood, it was only a matter of time befor he went Kalashnikov/Saiga happy... Mosin Nagants notwithstanding, of course.

He needs some Makarov/Tokarev sweetness now. :lol:


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There is a bottle of Russian Standard in the freezer getting cold right now.
Shots anyone?