The Lost Battalion

Don't know if you guys have seen this movie The Lost Battalion. It's another war movie.
Based back in WWI about a battalion that got stranded in the Argonne forest in 1918.

I think it was actually a TV series on A&E or something. But you can still pick it up on netflix.
I liked it and thought it was pretty good.

Midnight Raver

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It was that movie with Rick(Ricky) Schroeder in it...

I remember seeing ads for it way back when, but have never seen it. So it was a decent film, eh?
If you like old war movies like All quiet on the western front or War of the Rats(movie Enemy at the Gates, book was a lot better) then you would probably like this movie.

And yes it is rick schroder from silver spoons. :lol:

Midnight Raver

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All Quiet On THe Western Front, I grew up on that old movie. It and the book it was made from were classic war/anti war material. The 70s version with Richard Thomas and Ernest Borgnine wasn't bad either. Never heard of War Of The Rats though, was that an oldie too?
War of the rats was a book. not sure when it came out, but the movie Enemy at the Gates was "loosely" based on it.

I'm a little young to have fully enjoyed the original all quiet on the western front movie. My high school history teacher showed us the original movie i think. Back in 1998. :D After i saw it, i had to go read the book. And the book was real good.

So wikipedia says war of the rats was written in 1999. Not much of an oldie.