The Lee-Enfield Rifle


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I found this link on another site and found it to be a wealth of knowledge on Enfield rifles. This site has just about everything you want to know about different Enfields. Very informative. I learned a lot about my No.1, No.4 and No.5 from this site.


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They are extremely slick bolt action rifles. The 10 round magazines are also amazing considering the the era in which they started and how long it took other military forces to catch up to that capacity. I think the only comparable rifle mag size of the time was the Lebel 1886's 8 rounds in a tube. I have several and they are great.

I've actually stumbled on this link before and it is good detail. I haven't checked it entirely against the books I have on the shelf but I didn't see anything wrong or exaggerated at first glance. Always nice.


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That's a good site, Heres one on markings

I love Enfields and have several from a 2A, #1, and even an Indian converted #1 in 410. I use this #4 as a hunting rifle, It's taken quite a few deer and one hog.