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Another PDW(Personal Defense Weapon) out there is the Heckler & Koch MP7:


Evidently H&K thought they should market something to compete with the FN P90. This little hornets nest is another weapons system designed to defeat any body armor out there. As if the 5.7x28mm wasn't a small enough needle gun for you, this one uses a 4.6x30mm cartridge- a projectile barely wider than your .177 BBs(4.5mm)! However, this little round actually has performance stats a little better than the FN cartridge.


Size comparison- 4.6x30mm, 5.7x28mm, .30 Carbine(7.62x33mm)

Test results:

Penetration at 50 m(20 % gelatin block 300 mm long):
4.6x30mm: 280 mm(11")
5.7x28mm: 230 mm(9")

Energy transfer at 50 m(1.6 mm Ti + 20 layers of Kevlar):
4.6x30mm: 220 J
5.7x28mm: 180 J

Energy transfer at 100 m(1.6 mm Ti + 20 layers of Kevlar):
4.6x30mm: 115 J
5.7x28mm: 65 J

Muzzle Energies Compared:

1.6 g original 4.6 mm: 421 Joule, 311 ft?lbf (fired from MP7)
2 g DM11 steel penetrator 4.6 mm: 469 Joule, 346 ft?lbf (fired from MP7)
2.1 SS190 5.7 mm: 538 Joule, 397 ft?lbf (fired from P90)


Although the fastest 4.6x30mm rounds go as high as 2,380 fps muzzle velocity, the 5.7x28mm has several types that go 2,350- 100fps more than the next in the H&K line. The lowest velocities are 2,000 and 1,950fps for the 4.6x30mm and 5.7x28mm respectively. Strange how the P90 has more oomph at the muzzle, but that is most likely(and understandably) due to the barrel lengths- 7.1" for the MP7 and 10.4" for the P90.


Meant to be direct competition for the P90, the MP7 hasn't caught on as big yet. Other than Germany, only a handful of countries have picked them up so far- then again, they have only been produced since 2001 or so. Heckler & Koch also has a pistol under development that is chambered for the 4.6x30mm round and meant to complement the MP7-much like the Five-seveN/P90 team.


The H&K UCP(only photo, probably prototype)

There isn't much out there about this pistol, as it appears to be a slowly developing project. As for the MP7, it will most likely rise in popularity with other nations for military and LE applications as time goes on. I find myself wondering though if any civilian versions of the MP7 and the future UCP will possibly come out eventually. Any thoughts or comments?


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Was do they sell for?

Kind of odd isn't it though that bullets are getting smaller and smaller.
If this keeps up pretty soon we will be shooting each other with projectiles the size of needles that travel at near light speed.

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No prices yet, as it is a military only firearm- next stop, LEOs. Maybe they will give it a civie legal barrel eventually, like they did with the Uzi. Then again, they did allow the Mac-10 and Mac-11 for the open market. Once the pistol makes it onto the production scene it will probably only be a matter of time.

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armedpig said:
Very cool looking piece. It reminds me of the Brugger Thrommet 9mm sold by DSA. It looks like the design was based off of it. ... nfo/BTTP9/

Wow, they really are pretty similar- I wonder if that is a shadow subdivision of Heckler & Koch? If they aren't, I bet H&K will slap them with a lawsuit eventually- H&K has even slapped a lawsuit on the Tippmann paintball company and others because their paintball markers resemble a couple of their submachine guns! :lol:


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I don't know, the one imported by DSA has been around for a few years now. It is actually a deritive of another 9mm, which I can't remember the name right now. I do know that H&K did win the lawsuit against GSG. They are not going to be making the GSG-5 anymore.