The fringes of Summerville


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I have been contemplating introducing myself to the forum at general and was told this was not acceptable:

I was referred to the site by my wife who finally pestered me into signing up for the forum (you did dear, don?t deny it, she?s so cute when she gets mad it almost worth wearing the body armor for three days). So hello to all from the fringes of Summerville

And that this was also not acceptable:

I have been informed, by my kind, sweet, gentle, innocent, loving, wife that the potential exists for my nether regions to be being detached (via a dull and rusty machete) if I do not say hello to the general forum. With the fact that she can pick the fleas off of a dogs back with her m1 carbine at 100yards taken into consideration, I have decided it is not safe for me not to be polite; I shall now endeavor to do so. Hello to the forum in general, from Summerville

So I have settled for the generic
Hello. I am new to the forums. Live in Summerville. I was brought to the sight by my wife, Enjay. Hello all

Red Hat

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Welcome! Your wife is cute when mad. It must be nice...mine grows horns and fire shoots from her eyes. Body armor doesn't help me. ;)


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Welcome to the forum. You have our deepest sympathy , as well as , a little envy. I hope ya'll will enjoy the group.

Midnight Raver

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Greetings and felicitations! :mrgreen:

I must admit that I am very surprised to hear that Enjay had to coerce you into joining...

we're one big happy family here!!! :D


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Welcome to the Zoo!
Y'all should come out to Boggy Head some Sunday and enjoy some Concussive Therapy with us.