Black Rifles The FN P90...

Anyone out there have one of these or its rifle version the PS90?

Born during the last years of the cold war, both military and civilian models have certainly made their presence known worldwide. Being a bullpup design, the P90 has many very compact and innovative features incorporated with considerable weight reduction as well. The magazine in particular is extremely unique, which fits along the top of the receiver and holds 50 rounds.

The rounds face to the left in the magazine and travel back towards a roller/ramp assembly which turns them 90 degrees to line up with the bolt and breech. An added bonus is that the magazines are usually clear synthetics so you can see how much ammo is left. As the P90 also ejects its spent casings downwards, it allows ambidextrous use for greater versatility.

The first firearm to use the 5.7x28mm cartridge, the P90 has spawned a pistol companion as well known as the Five-seveN. At least 37 countries worldwide(including the US) use the P90 for military and law enforcement purposes, from special ops to regular patrol duty. FYI- The first local law enforcement agency in the country to adopt the weapon was Houston Police Department in Texas in 1999, followed shortly by Richland County Sheriff's Department in South Carolina.

Steer clear of THIS motorcycle cop! :eek:

Recently a conversion kit for the 5.7x28mm to be used with AR-15s has even come out on the market. It replaces the upper receiver and barrel, then using the magazine well to expel the spent casings. Somewhat pricey(saw one at Cheaper Than Dirt for $799 during the summer), yet an interesting conversion if you already have an AR-15 or two and don't wish to shell out the money for a new PS90.

From what I have seen so far, they are calling these conversions the AR57. They look pretty cool and use the same magazines as the P90 and PS90 models. If I had an AR-15 I would be sorely tempted to get one of those conversion kits- but then again I live in Moscowchusetts which pretty much says it all.

So, any comments or observations?
For the amount of ammo you can have in one mag on that, it sure beats the standard fare. I don't know how accurate the conversion is, but it must have virtually NO recoil or muzzle climb compared to the 5.56/.223 ammo it would normally consume. Sure, it is more expensive- but any conversion on hand allows even more versatility from your firearms later on down the line. Add to the fact that anyone who can work on their own arsenal in the basic sense of stripping and cleaning their pieces would be able to easily make those conversions within an hour or less most likely. In the future, conversion kits might keep our firearms viable instead of useless once your standard ammo is gone.

Food for thought, eh? :idea:


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Oct 8, 2009
A friend of mine (Crazy Hal) has a couple of the rifles and two pistols,, (along with a .50 sniper and about a dozen others LOL) I have shot both,, realy like em,, just can't afford em..LOL
Hey Bdbys59, it would be great to hear about your experience with the P90(or PS90, perhaps). What did you think of it? I am very curious to hear how the recoil and control is while firing, especially during rapid semiauto shooting. Also, what does your friend have on them for sighting purposes?

Never got to hear firsthand what it is like to fire a bullpup configuration, I'm dying to know!!! :ugeek:


Sep 26, 2009
Charlotte, NC
I've seen these at gunshows, but I was afraid to pick one up or handle them.
The more I learn about them the more I realize that was probably a good idea.
At least untill I recover financially from the holidays.

This would make a cool movie gun, I wonder if any movies have used them?

the picture at the top has an almost organic look to it like some king of nautilus or something.

It seems it is intended to be shot from the elbow or the hip?