Thank God, I made it.....


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Being the new guy on the forum, I am so glad to have left a (Unnamed) State to join a group of like minded individuals that appreciate we have the right to 'Bear Arms'. I have long been a shooter, since the Navy shooting team back in the 70's. I also am a hunter, deer, pig, small! Since we have moved to Cherry Grove, I have been hard pressed to find a decent outdoor spot to shoot. Could you point me in a direction where we can just go plinkin' ......Thanks :D


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Welcome. There is a club with an outdoor range off of Rt. 90 in Longs. Contact Larry Saunders 399-7102. There is also an indoor range 15 miles out of Little River in Ash, NC. It's called the Outback Range (910) 287-4867. There is an outdoor range in Supply, NC called Ant Hill. For membership call (910) 371-6391. There are a few other areas where folks used to shoot but development has taken most of those around Water Tower Road. There are still some places off of Rt. 905 that I hear are used for plinking but I have never been out there. PM me if you want info on local and nearby IDPA Pistol Matches. Bill