Test ride

I went to ATP today and tested a Springfield Armory 1911-A1 .45 ACP, all stainless. It was well used. This is the first 1911 I have ever shot. At first I had difficulty firing it. After several attempts of chambering it, not firing, dropping the magazine and clearing the chamber, I realized I was not seating the magazine all the way.

The first shot surprised me a little with the soft trigger. I was not quite ready for it. However, I was just a little above my targeted spot. After that is was on like donkey kong. After 25 rounds, I had cleared out the center mass of the paper target a 7 yards. Kind of felt like the bb gun star shooting gallery at the fair. The remainder of the box I spent with head shots and practicing 2 in the heart and 1 one the head.

All in all, I really like the 1911. Now it is a matter selling plasma to buy one.



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Nice! I just got my first 1911 the other day after finding myself in the same spot you're in. I shot one, fell in love, and sold what I had to get it, lol. Was it the flush mag that was giving you problems? Took me some getting used to too.

Are you going to get the Springfield or try out some other brands first?


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And the hook is set... Don't worry my friend - I have a similar hook planted firmly in my cheek as well... :D


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The 1911 is a wild ride...You shoot one...then you buy one...then, you buy another...then another...

Then you start with the different brands of 1911's...

That is how I have 3 Kimbers and 1 Colt....and, did I mention a Browning Hi-Power...they are just an improved 1911....

THE MADNESS GOES ON...andON...And On.....