Taurus Taurus TCP or KelTec P3AT


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Can't really decide between these two and can't afford to just buy both. Any thoughts on the two? I've weeded out the the Bodyguard and Ruger LCP. It will be a .380 for when the other guns just don't fit or they need a smaller companion to tag along (the two is one principal).

I haven't shot the Taurus has anyone else? It does fit my hand good for a small pistol. The trigger pull on the KelTec seems longer than the arc of a farm gate other than that no real complaints about the KelTec.


My P3AT has been great! The ergonomics could be better, though. I would like something were the grip is a but wider, or swells. But, I feel it is the ultimate concealment .380 with its size. It's my DEEP concealment gun. ;)

I held the TCP before, but can't remember anything about it, though. Is it a tad bigger than the P3AT?

Also, I had a Keltec PF9 once, it was awesome, and still not too big for pocket carry if you wear cargo shorts or pants. It even did well in dress pants. You can actually get a PF9 for cheaper than a P3AT on Buds.

If you want less recoil in a pockt sized gun, Bersa makes a CC model of their Thunder .380. Its smaller than the regular Bersa Thunder and holds an extra round. In fact, its the same size as theKeltec PF9. Its easy to get very fast tight groups with it's DA/SA trigger.


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I had a P3AT and liked it, but I found it was quick to jam when shooting with one hand (which is normal for this class of gun I think). I recently picked up a Taurus, and while I have yet to fire it, at a cursory glance, the fit and finish seem to be of a better quality. The Taurus comes with an extra magazine and a "carry case" which doesn't seem all that useful. I use a Desantis Nemesis pocket holster for both, and have no complaints.


They are the same size. Dimensions are s,
Lightly different but overall size is ver close. I think the tcp feels bigger in hand which is a good thing IMO.


FYI, get em while there still in stock. Taurus TCPs on sale this month for $179, brand new! 2 day air shipping is $16 to most places in SC. They have other great deals this month as well.

Larry's Pistol and Pawn is a great place with great sales almost every month:


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