Taurus PT1911 Aluminum Frame/Blued Slide - $450, NICE!


Good price on a 1911 that seems to get pretty good reviews. Why must they put such a big rollmark on the slide? I hate logos on stuff and that just glares at me.

I have never ordered a gun online- is it pretty easy?
I never ordered online. But I will let you know how it goes with these guys.

Upstate Armory Group is going to handle my FFL stuff. Hopefully I can order this thing next week.

Basically, I order it online, give them the name and address of my FFL they need to ship it in the instruction box they have online when ordering, and then have my FFL fax them a signed document stating they are an FFL (unless they already have that document on file from someone else who bought from them before with the same FFL, I think). Then they will ship it to your FFL, you go to your FFL, pay the FFL transfer fee, get the background check done, and walk out the door with your firearm.


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You won't be disappointed(in the pistol that is). I have a PT1911 that I've had since just after they came out and absolutely love it, In fact it's my winter carry piece.


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I showed this to a buddy of mine & I am pretty sure that he is going to get one because he just asked me how to reach Henry for one of his $15 transfers!!!
- Jeff
Nice! Gotta love good deals. If the data is correct online, this Taurus 1911 weighs exactly what my RIA Compact 1911 weighs, lol

I am looking forward to getting a Kimber Ultra Carry II, soon, as well. I love my Compact RIA, but I want something a little lighter.
Better get one now if you want one, I hear they have very little left. I think they had around 750 directly shipped from Taurus for this sale, and they are almost gone now. If they still have some left Friday, I may get one.