Taurus Taurus M94B5


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I just bought a Taurus M94B5 from Geezer.
it's a 22lr Revolver. Very solid gun.
I like plinking and target shooting with my Ruger MKIII, but I wanted a Revolver for something different to take in the woods or whatever. The Ruger usually has a RedDot scope on it and I hate to keep taking it off and on.

I also hope to use it as an entry level handgun for my girlfriend.
I wanted something light recoil so she has a chance to enjoy shooting. She can work her way up to the bigger calibers if she likes this. She has a .22lr rifle, but I want to get her comfortable with a handgun.

This gun is pristine.



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I believe all our women folk should be able to shoot a handgun.
Sounds like you had a smooth deal.


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Thanks, Pops, for a smooth and easy transaction. I hope you and the little lady enjoy it.

Midnight Raver

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Any pics of it for us to see?

My wife is looking into getting a Ruger .22LR Bearcat SA Revolver for a starter pistol. Perhaps she might be into one of these if Moscowchusetts allows them!

If... :x


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I was very pleased with it. It is a very well made gun. Solid.
I like the rubber grips better than the wooden "cowboy revolver" grips.
not that I have anything against wooden grips, I just like these.

I plan to go to the Awendaw clean up on Saturday. I'm going to take this with me in case the allow us to shoot a little after the work and cook out is done.



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Congrats on the new toy...

Maybe I will take my old S&W model 18 .22 with me...We can have something we can afford to shoot....



I have several .22LRs and for just fun to shoot it's hard to beat.
The recoil is relatively non existent and it comes down to me the sights and the target.

Sadly all the .22's I have are far more accurate than I am. . .