Taurus has a new pistol


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I like the idea, but the choice of pistols is incorrect.
In the ZPAW it's all about high speed low drag.
A high capacity 9mm would be the optimal choice for dealing with the undead.
Since only head shots count and they travel in groups you want to get back on target quickly with no shortage ammunition on board.
I personally would opt for a Glock 17 or 34.

Neat idea though.
I would like to have one in the display case.





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While I appreciate Taurus always trying new things, I gotta admit, I think this whole Zombie thing has jumped the shark.

It was one thing when shooters picked up their latest piece of "zombie defense kit" (i.e whatever tactical gun they bought last), but now that the manufacturer's are in on it, I kinda grimace...

That, and if the gun companies are going to exploit it, then they should at least choose more appropriate guns. Hell, I would be tempted by an 870 Zombie edition much more than a compact Ruger 9mm single stack.

But...I may be in the minority on this front.


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Basically it's a dandied up Raging Judge Magnum and as such I think it's more of a collectors piece. I think it's pretty nifty and I'd shoot it, although I'd probably put a different set of grips on it to protect the originals from wear.

I have heard rumbles that zombies have jumped the shark elsewhere, but they're my favorite monsters and always will be. :)


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There are zombie ants in Africa or S. America. There is a fungus that takes over the ant. It protrudes from its exoskeleton and at the right time makes the ant walk to a sunny place for it to spread it's spores to infect more ants.

Think of the anarchy that would ensue if this jumped to humans!!!!


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Enjay, I'm with you. I have loved the idea of zombies as an antagonist since I played the first Resident Evil years ago. It's like, when a buddy has a decal on his truck that says "Zombie response team" on it with a big bio-hazard symbol, I can't help but chuckle. What I guess is so cool about the zombie thing, is that it has grown to such a huge deal off the interests of gamers and movie buffs. That being the case, when companies try and cash in, I can't help but feel annoyed. They know zombies are big business, so they slap the word zombie on it and expect us to buy on sight. FWIW, it's like when they slap "Blackwater" or "Thunder Ranch" on a Mossberg 500. Nothing particularly innovative has happened with the gun, it's just fodder for consumption.

In truth, I think if it was actually zombie-tactical (zactical?) instead of campy, I would think it was cool...not just a pandering to the latest trend. Imagine if Glock made a 17 in a different finish, with a threaded barrel and had a bio-hazard symbol on the slide. That would be an awesome Zombie limited edition piece. Ok, I'm just rambling now...

Brasilian, thank you for the nightmares tonight, I look forward to them...I guess it beats the "unprepared for the final exam" dream.


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thebrasilian: Since it's fungal maybe a little monistat tea would be better? Wouldn't want spores of that stuff floating around.

Torontogosh, so you're not objecting to the zombie hordes, but are objecting to their being commercialized into a shambling cash cow?


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Enjay, yes, that about sums it up. Like I say, ever since I played the first Resident Evil, something about the genre has really grabbed me.
In fact, I have found a few neat ways to get my fix that you might enjoy as well:
Recently I discovered that Netflix (streaming) has a couple of really solid foreign Zombie films, some mediocre low budget movies, and even a documentary.
The Walking Dead comic is pretty great, and is different from the show, so its not a total spoiler factory (but there is some over-lap, beware).
The Zombie section at Barnes and Nobles is pretty fantastic and there is a ton of material from humor to horror and even a Star Wars Zombie tale (Death Troopers).

So, if I came off anti-zombie and even jerky, I apologize. I just think zombie fandom is kind of a grassroots thing, built and supported by folks like you and me.

However, in all candor, now that all sorts of companies want to cash in and all of a sudden EVERYONE seems to be all about the Zombie apocalypse...

Ah Crap...I just realized...this basically boils down to "I was into Zombies before it was cool". Ugh...I'm a pair of skinny jeans away from becoming a hipster.

Anyway, I stumbled across this video tonight that I thought you might enjoy as well.


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Thank you very much for the video link, I am really enjoying it, and I'm going to mine netflix for some of the movies you mentioned.
My tastes in zombie trend to schlock such as Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland, etc. I've just finished reading the first book of a new series, My Life as a White Trash Zombie, that I thought was quite entertaining although if I had to classify the book I'd say it's more like the Anita Blake genre than horror. I do enjoy The Walking Dead, and I was unaware that there is a comic associated with the series so I'll have to check around for that. Thank you. Clive Barkers' graphic novels spoiled me for horror comics, I spent many a night huddled in a ball in bed terrified that Cenobites might step out of the wall and perform unspeakable acts upon my household, but I'll check it out as I'm sure it's an interesting read. :D

Thanks also for explaining your thinking. I'm not sure how a hipster would respond (my closes connection to hipsters are the ones that I hang my guns off of lol) but I did find it amusing that you were complaining about how commercialized zombies have become when they have been a commercial industry since my grandmother was knee high to a grasshopper. :lol: I now realize that it was more akin to worry that the genre is going to be ruined than anything else. I can understand not wanting to see an object of your interest folded, spindled and mutilated.

amazon link to White Trash Zombie: http://www.amazon.com/dp/0756406757/?tag=palmettoshooters-20