Targets that Bleed


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Oh great just what we need.
Now you can buy Zombie targets that bleed when you shoot them.
The anti-gun people are going to have a field day with this one.
When they show them they will neglect to mention they targets are Zombies.
If they do mention it they will downplay it and focus on the human appearance.
I kind of hope this is a scam.



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I remember reading about something along these lines but the article didn't mention zombies.

Shane that's funny. :lol:


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Frost - ya never know, this just might turn some of those anti gunners into converts, lol!

Shane - :lol:

To me, it seems a bit much to spend for a disposable target. I might consider it if there was a politician zombie model though :twisted:


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Thats the great thing! It's FREE!! We just spread the rumor there is a gay service member being buried at a nice quiet local cemetary :twisted: Heck, we could even Holloween up Boggy! Location! Location! Location! What gets me...with all the murders and SENSELESS are these people still alive??