Tactical Rifle Class

Hey guys just thought I would let you know about a class for any magazine feed rifle. For this class you will need
700 rounds of factory rifle ammo
? AR, AK, or magazine fed rifle.
?200 rounds of factory pistol ammo
?A good belt
?Tactical Sling
?Strong side belt holster or drop leg
?Eyes and ear protection
?3 pistol magazines
?5 rifle magazines
?Vest or suitable wear to carry pistol and rifle magazines
?Hat, approprate clothes, sun block, rain gear, we will shoot RAIN or SHINE
?Knee and elbow pads (optional)
?Camel back (water will be available)
Class on Oct.16 you can see all the details on http://www.scgunschool.com If you sign up and let us know you saw it here we'll take $25.00 off your class price. :D
I have not talked with them yet but would like to. We are always looking for new locations to teach classes and will travel anywhere in order to teach and give folks the chance to train. Some places will not let outside companies come in if they offer anything similar or if they are loaded up with matches. If anyone has a range that is close to them if you will send the name to me I would love to contact them to see if they would allow or have avalibility in their schedules. Thanks guys.


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Here you go Mike. Start with Thomas. I'm sure they could work something out. We have one bay that is just for training purposes (or overflow for compt's). We also have a large multipurpose range as well. This may be more suited. They have walls, barrels and many other things that you may be able to borrow. With over 230 members (I think) you should be able to find a class or 2 there. I would love to a few of your classes. But, currently don't have the time.