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I'm new to the area and looking to make some space in my place. Priced to move, if you have questions please PM me. I will be out of town next week.

I am in the Charleston area, I'd prefer to do FTF.

Garand Barreled Receiver -- Springfield Armory S/N 1168XXX $75
Winchester M70 Black Shadow -- Never Shot but Box missing $275 ***SOLD***
J&T Dist. A2 Post-Ban (no flashider) complete upper 1:9 twist $250 ***SOLD***

Reloading Components
Winchester .22 55gr FMJBT 100ea (qty5) $10/ea
Sierra .30 150gr Pro-hunter Spitzer 100ea (qty2) $20/ea
Hornady .30 168GR BTHP Match 100ea (qty1) $20
Nosler .30 Custom Comp 168gr BTHP 100ea (qty1) $20

Glock 20 15rd (never used, mags fine, boxes show light damage) (qty 3) $15/ea ***SOLD***


Uncle Mikes Size 2 RH shoulder holster rig $5
Silicone Electric electric pads (gear from Alaska...used to keep critical equipment from freezing up) (qty2) $5 for all


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J&T Dist. A2 Post-Ban (no flashider) complete upper 1:9 twist $250

pardon what is prolly a newb question, but what is the barrel length?

buddy has a 20, wants something shorter

assuming complete means upper, BCG, and basically he can swap it on & off his existing lower, and go plinking?

looked here, but it looks like 16 inch:


It is a 20in as well. Sorry it is not shorter.

But yes it is complete with BCG and all the internals. You could put it onto a lower and be rocking and rolling


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PittGuy if you would now that the guns are sold post the remaining accessories in the Ammunition, Knives, and Accessories forum as a new add and I'll lock this one. ;)
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