Stupidest thing heard at a gun show/store

John Canuck

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After the gun show yesterday, I thought of one thing I overheard that made me chuckle so I figured we might get some amusement out of a collection of things heard at gun shows or stores.

Walking down one of the middle aisles, I heard a guy say to his girl "do ya know what a clip is?". She said no. He said "it's the thang that holes the dam buwwets" I LOL'd. I only got another ten steps or so and saw a vender with a bunch of signs on their booth that said "CLIPS CLIPS CLIPS CLIPS CLIPS".

I LOL'd again on the way home.


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I think the funniest thing i remember was from the greenville gunshow last year . i had an AR15 i was carrying and this guy tried to trade me a Sig Sauer 556 "navy edition" pistol . He said these were only available to navy seals . my question was " So how did you get one ?" his answer " well i was in the coast guard"


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"These are the lowest priced guns you are gonna find. $229 is a great deal for this kind of rifle."

I said, "No Thanks" to his mismatched Mosin-Nagant 91/30 and went home.