Stopping by and saying, well HI!


Heya all! I have been searching around the internet all day, well really for one reason, but it has let me in many different directions. I live over in Tega Cay, SC and have been in the Charlotte area for about 4 and a half years. I already was the proud owner of a few firearms but today added a new S&W M&P 40 Pro Series to the collection. And well, there is an orange cone looking thing that came in the pack with the spare magazines and back straps, that I have no idea what it does. So, it has led me in searching all over the internet looking at ammo and cases and all sorts of things, and well, I ended up here. It is nice to see a forum with other gun lovers nearby. Ok, enough rambling! HI ALL!


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Welcome to the Forum...Glad you found us.

You got yourself a nice weapon in the S&W M&P...I love them. Oh Yeah,,,The orange cone. It goes in the end of the barrel to keep the chamber from closing all the way...when they are new in the box...



Everyone - thanks for the warm welcome!

Tigerstripe said:
dont listen to fordnut. its an earplug. you only got one?
Hummm, that is an idea, and I am always one for re-purposing things! ;)