Stolen Guns


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My renters just had their(my) house broken into. Prior friend just robbed them blind and stole several weapons from pistols to ARs. He is getting serial numbers for me now but here is a picture of the dirtbag. His car is impounded currently so the Cops are looking for him already. Any help is GREATLY appreciated in finding this guy. Guy is said to be a pill head also. -Shane



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Does he have ties to any particular area of SC?
I'm going to be doing some shopping around next week looking at local pawn shops, if you can give me a list of what he took and maybe some partial serial numbers I'll keep my eyes open.


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Thanks You :D I asked the owner to get me a list of the serial numbers. I hope to have them up in the next few days. The house is located in Goose Creek around Charleston. I would think after them being reported stolen if he tried to pawn them they would come up stolen. Thanks again...


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Here is the way the PawnShops have to work.

When they take in a gun, it has to go into storage for like 3 weeks. They have to turn over the serial number to the feds.

The Feds run the numbers along with an local that need to know...Only after that waiting period, can the weapon be sold...

That is the LEGAL way it is done....but, of course, there might be some that don't do it that way....



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Gun show this weekend here in Columbia. Will keep an eye out for him. If I see him will report to the police.

Do you have a bigger picture I can print out?


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bigtigga01 said:
What street is the house on in Goose Creek? I live in the Creek and will keep an eye and ear out for any info.

Bayshore, rite across from Goose Creek High School.