States parks question

Sorry, won't make the Shootenfest this year; on the road. Being on the road brings to mind a question that I can't find a definitive answer to. As I am nearly a full-time on-the-road camper all over the country, I carry defense weapons with me at least in the RV where no CCW reciprocation exists, except when going to or in transit through Canada. Often we stay in state, county, city parks as well as national and corps parks. I don't know or really care how lawful this is as me and mine personal protection is more important than what the lawful consequences may be combined with the very slight chance of being searched for no reason, while in this country at least. But I feel I should know the laws in SC. Does anyone know or can point me to where this information is? I have searched through the parks' web pages and cannot find any mention of this.
Thanks Glockrunner. I had checked the SC laws several times and I guess I just missed the section on the part on parks and national forests. That stuff is like reading Greek when I have a hard time even understanding english. I had also never noticed the section about the preemption laws before. Thanks again.



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Another good source of info is "The Traveler's guide to the gun laws of the states". It should be at the same website.